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Latin Name: Copper Carbonate Hydroxide

Malachite is a stunning green mineral that is known for its powerful healing properties. The stone is made up of copper carbonate hydroxide and is often found in shades of deep green. Its unique banded patterns make it a popular choice for jewelry and home decor. Malachite is often referred to as the "stone of transformation" and is said to help with emotional and physical healing.

Judy Hall, in The Crystal Bible, notes that Malachite is a powerful stone for emotional healing. It is said to help release negative experiences and emotions, allowing for personal growth and transformation. It is also believed to help with physical healing, particularly with issues related to the heart and lungs.

Malachite is also considered a protective stone, helping to shield the wearer from negative energy and promoting balance and harmony in the body and mind. It is said to assist in decision making and enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Malachite can be placed on the heart chakra during meditation to help release feelings of stress and anxiety. 

In ancient Egypt, Malachite was used in amulets to protect against the evil eye. It was also believed to have healing properties and was used to treat a variety of ailments. In more recent times, Malachite has been used in jewelry and home decor as a symbol of wealth and power. It is also believed to have grounding properties, helping to connect the wearer with the Earth.

Key Features:

  • Powerful healing properties
  • Deep green color
  • Unique banded patterns

Care Instructions:

Malachite should be cleaned regularly to remove any negative energy it may have absorbed. It can be cleaned with water, salt, or smoke.


  • Emotional and physical healing
  • Transformation and change
  • Protection against negative energy
  • Promoting balance and harmony
  • Assisting in decision making
  • Enhancing intuition and psychic abilities
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Malachite crystals
Malachite crystals
Malachite crystals


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I love my plant! I was so excited to receive it but also really nervous because usps held it for 4 days in one location! I was afraid it would’ve been damaged or dying when I got it due to the lack of nutrients but it made it to me in great condition! Sara wrapped it so well that it still had moisture on it! Thank you so much for the cute note as well! I highly recommend this seller!!!

Kelsey H

All items arrived in perfect condition and healthy. Will definitely be purchasing from the seller again.


The plant was very well packaged, and the soil was moist even after 2 weeks in the mail ! After a few weeks in my care, I can say that this Hoya transitioned very well.


Lovely seller and such an amazing addition to my palm stones! Orca Agate is so beautiful.


I received everything and my order consisted of wonderful plants. The service I received from the seller was great!


Firstly the seller was so friendly. I very much appreciate them reaching out about my order. The stone is beautiful, great quality, and I even got a couple freebie stones. Will definitely order from this shop again. Thank you so much!


What a gorgeous plant! It was packaged so well it arrived in excellent condition. I was pleasantly surprised how large the plant is.


This plant was packaged like it was a precious jewel. Love the plant and can’t wait to see it grow.


Fragrant and lovely. There was a package mishap but the seller swiftly resolved it. Would order again.


These were so perfectly and carefully packaged to arrive whole and thriving. I'm leaving them in the pots to adjust to my climate and will transplant them in the spring. I've received plants from other sellers and none were ever packaged as well. Thank you!


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