Our mission is to deepen your connection with nature by providing you with the tools and materials to cultivate your relationship with Mother Earth.

  • We strive to educate others on how we as a community can grow together.
  • With a goal to help improve your quality of life through plants, crystals, herbs, herbal medicine and education.
  • We offer insight into how a connection with earth improves our quality of life and heals the earth.
  • Helping people reconnect with the natural rhythms of the earth.
  • Creating and cultivating a safe environment where we can all plant our seeds to grow into our highest selves.
sara in the earth alchemy garden


We believe in a world where people and plants coexist in harmony, bringing community together to heal the planet. Through honoring the rhythms of nature and tapping into its abundance, we create a community where people learn to connect with themselves and the Earth on a deeper level.


  • Plants and people thrive in community.
  • Abundance surrounds us in nature.
  • You can bloom where you are planted.
  • Nature connects you to the rhythms of life through plants, ritual and ceremony.
  • A world where people understand the earth has so much to offer us, and all she asks in return is that we take care of her.
planting a black bat plant


Earth Alchemy is a locally sourced business offering you a wide variety of plants, herbs and crystals for your home & garden. We love to share our passion & knowledge for plants, nature and the magic Mother Earth has to provide the community!

Our online store is packed full of high quality plants and crystals, showcasing plants from our private nursery in St. Petersburg, Florida. We also provide an extensive range of herbal products from body sprays and bath blends, to tinctures, salves and teas. Bringing our passion for connecting with our community to you, find us at local classes and events in St. Pete and surrounding areas!


Earth Alchemy’s founder, Sara Ganster, has always had a deep connection to our Mother Earth. From childhood, she developed a love for nature that transcended into all aspects of her world. This connection, paired with her desire to help people propelled her on the path of healing her community through nature. Sara has a profound knowing that plants and people thrive in community, and she wants to see our world flourish through the connections they can create together.

She holds her permaculture design certification and is a practicing clinical herbalist providing you with expansive knowledge in those fields as well as ancient ceremony and rituals. Sara believes that we must leave things better than we find them, and she hopes to cultivate that awareness through the growth of Earth Alchemy.