Why Earth Alchemy?

Why Earth Alchemy?

When I named my business Earth Alchemy, I did so with the intention of capturing the essence of what my business is all about: connecting with nature and using its abundance to heal and bring balance to our lives.

The name "Earth Alchemy" is rooted in the alchemical symbol for squaring the circle, which represents the idea that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This symbol speaks to the idea that when we work with nature, we can create something greater and more powerful than we ever could on our own. And that is exactly what I hope to do with Earth Alchemy.

I have always had a deep connection to the earth and its natural rhythms. From a young age, I have been drawn to nature and have always felt a sense of peace and balance when I am camping, in a park, outside or in a garden. This connection has only grown stronger as I have grown older, and it is something that I want to share with others.

Our mission is to deepen your connection with nature by providing you with the tools and materials to cultivate your relationship with Mother Earth. We believe in a world where people and plants coexist in harmony, bringing community together to heal the planet. Through honoring the rhythms of nature and tapping into its abundance, we create a community where people learn to connect with themselves and the Earth on a deeper level.

As a locally sourced business, we offer a wide variety of plants, herbs, and crystals for your home and garden. We source our plants and crystals locally, and we also provide an extensive range of herbal products, from body sprays and bath blends to tinctures, salves, and teas. We also offer classes and events in our local community to share our knowledge and passion for connecting with nature.

As the founder of Earth Alchemy, I have always had a deep connection to Mother Earth. From childhood, I developed a love for nature that transcended into all aspects of my world. This connection, paired with my desire to help people, propelled me on the path of healing my community through nature. I have a profound knowing that plants and people thrive in community, and I want to see our world flourish through the connections we can create together.

I hold my permaculture design certification and am a practicing clinical herbalist, providing you with expansive knowledge in those fields as well as ancient ceremony and rituals. I believe that we must leave things better than we find them, and I hope to cultivate that awareness through the growth of Earth Alchemy. Our mission is to deepen your connection with nature, and to heal and bring balance to our community through the beauty of nature. Together, we can create something greater than ourselves, and that is the essence of Earth Alchemy.

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